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Student Testimonials

Words from Gevry Music's satisfied students.

April 21, 2021
I have been a guitar student with Todd for three years. As a former educator, I can attest to his skillful teaching and interpersonal abilities. I began as a beginner and Todd has taken me to a level where I am comfortable with performing publicly. He is willing to allow me to choose songs and has taught me to begin developing my own lead sheets. Since I began, my grandsons have also started taking lessons- one on the drums and one on the ukulele. They both are developing great skills and find Todd to be a motivating teacher. They look forward to their weekly lesson, as do I.
Would recommend: Yes

Flora Hurteau

December 5, 2019

I have been taking guitar lessons from Todd for about a year and a half and it has been awesome! My grandfather gave me an electric guitar for Christmas last year, as he plays a bit himself, and I wanted to learn how to play it so I started taking lessons with Todd. I started right at the beginning learning chords and strumming but now since I have been practicing hard and putting in the time, I can play songs like "Highway To Hell" and "TNT" by AC\DC, "We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister, "Living On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi, and "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. Todd and I have a great time cranking our amps up in my living room and jamming to the recordings of these songs together. He even helped me learn the lead guitar parts on "We're Not Gonna Take It" and "Living On A Prayer" which makes me feel super accomplished! Learning to play the electric guitar with Todd has been a great experience and I highly recommend taking lessons with him!

Would Recommend: Yes 

Aidan Carstensen

December 1, 2016
Mr. Gevry has just the right balance as a teacher. He had a clear plan for all the necessary work and made sure I was learning all the necessary exercises. At the same time, he was willing to work with me on whatever song I wanted to master, making the experience both productive and enjoyable. He was able to be an incredibly fun and likable person while making sure I was doing the work I needed to progress as a musician. His help extended beyond the classroom, too. If there was a tough part of a score I was playing in a pit band or a hard rhythm in jazz band, he would take lesson time to concentrate on that. He's a very nice person, completely reliable, and always in a good mood. As a side note, I've seen him in concert - and he's great!

Shane Beal

September 7, 2016  
Highly recommend! Our 11 year old has been working with Todd for almost two years with tangible results in performance and theory. Todd is a very organized, professional, hardworking and personable teacher with a deep and demonstrated commitment to music and music education. Just the right balance of nurturing individual student interest areas and establishing a strong foundation of fundamentals.

Student Parent

August 27, 2016  
Todd is a teacher that not only teaches you an advanced understanding of drums and how to play well with other musicians but he also helps you to find your sound. He is skilled in many different varieties of drumming, so helping you find what you like and how to do it well is something that he does very well. He's also a great networker, and can help establish you as a musician. I was grateful to have him in my life as a drum teacher and friend. His impact on me as a musician has affected me to do this day. Needless to say he does a great job and I would recommend to any musician hungry to learn!

Jon Lang

February 5, 2015 
Todd is a great teacher. I take drum lessons from him. He is personable, patient, fun, and makes learning easy. I recommend him highly.

Maggie Triggs

May 28, 2014  
Terrific! Todd has done a great job teaching my son to play the drums. He is organized and shows up with a plan for the day and any needed materials. His step by step method works well, and I could see right from the first lesson that my son felt successful and excited to continue on. Todd is really patient and fun and he has a great connection with the kids. The fact that he comes to my house is just icing on the cake!

Christine Bowden

January 27, 2014  
Todd taught my son drums for almost two years. He is a professional through and though. What I like most about Todd is his commitment to his students individually. He really got to know what kind of music my son liked and then taught around that. It made the lessons really personal and enjoyable. Todd's enthusiasm for music and teaching never waivers. My son not only learned to play drums but also had a great role model in Todd.


December 16, 2013
Todd was my son's drum teacher for two years. During that period he was extremely reliable and trustworthy, as well as an excellent instructor. He worked with my son at his own pace and within his musical interests. We were very satisfied with Todd's instruction and enjoyed seeing him weekly at our home. He's a great guy and a good influence on young people. I highly recommend him.


December 12, 2013
Todd has been teaching our 9 year old son the drums. He is an excellent teacher and is very patient. Our son is having fun and learning to play the drums at the same time!


December 11, 2013
Todd is an amazing drummer, guitarist, and a fantastic teacher. He challenged my two boys musically teaching them with patience and encouragement giving them the gift of music. I highly recommend Todd for his time and energy and gift for teaching. He is great!!!

Michelle Jordan

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